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Flowers & Lollipops – 1st Birthday Session

Little “J” came in to celebrate her first birthday. When mom showed me her first outfit, I already had this new backdrop in mind. It was perfect for J and her siblings. Although it’s floral, it doesn’t say “girls only.” I think older brother J looks great with it, right? Anyway, we got a few of […]

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Growing and on the Move – 1st Birthday Session

This little gal “A” was super happy when she walked through the door. It was her actual birthday that day and she was just a ball of sunshine and energy. A very strong walker, she did not want to just sit around. She was on the go from the moment mom set her down. She […]

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Jimmy Leonard - My nephew and nieces are so amazing! Great pictures!

Natalie Duran - Aww!! They are sooo big already.

Kambri Roland - Beautiful family! Love the colors!

Lisa - Beautiful LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

Two is a Charm… – Newborn Session

Due to a disturbance in sleepthe night before for the entire family, this session had to be done in two parts. Everyone had a rough night and unfortunately, most of the session went that way too. Little baby B had a hard time falling and staying asleep. Her big sister B was so tired that she wanted nothing to […]

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I Had a Little Secret – Pregnancy Announcement Session

And I’ve been waiting (somewhat) patiently to be given the “okay” to share. Why? Because this session was done specifically to announce their pregnancy and I didn’t want to ruin it by sharing online and risk having some one see it before they were supposed to. But, now I get to share. YAY! This was […]

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Michelle W. - Gorgeous session! Congratulations!

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