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What in the world happened?

I am in the middle of transferring my website (include proof albums & blog) to a new server. Please note that these sites may go down and be unavailable for some time. I have no control on over how long it may take. For any of you with proof albums, I will be extending all albums for as many days as this takes at no charge. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

BLOG UPDATE: Looks like I’ve got to start the blog all over again. None of my pages were able to be saved. Please be patient as I add everything back.

If you have any questions, please email me at

What’s working: Availability Calendar

PROOF SITE UPDATE: I have to start this all over also. The back up file is lost. I have lost all album passcodes and coupon codes. Those of you with active albums/coupons will be extended as stated above at no charge. I will resend information wiht new passcodes and coupons codes as soon as I can.Â

For those of you who have open orders, I do have them on file here at home. All orders that have been paid have been processed and are waiting for delivery. I will send you an email or call you as soon as they are ready for pick up.

RECENT & NEW CLIENTS: If you have had your session within the week of August 12-18, I am trying to work on your proofs while repairing my little mess. I am not taking any clients in for sessions for this week (Aug 20-26) in order to catch up. Only portrait pick-up appointments will be made.

For you blog subscribers, please let me know if you are receiving feeds. Thanks.

Once again, I am so sorry for this inconvenience. I was hoping for a smooth transition, but looks like I will be quite busy fixing everything. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Gracie-your mom - Dont go to crazy fixing it right away, take your time and you will get it done just the way you want it.

Gracie-your mom - Sorry to hear you are having to reload all your info,
but you can do it.. your are smart in no time you will have it runung again
love you mom

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