Starting a Photography Business

A fellow friend (photographer) shared a great blog post with me. Like her, I get many calls/emails with questions about starting a business and/or help with photography in general. And like her, being as busy as I am, all my spare time goes to my family right now. It’s so difficult to explain this without others feeling as if I am offended or threatened or vice-versa. In fact, I am quite surprised and flattered, but I just can’t take on anything extra right now.

As for an assistant, I honestly have no need for one. And when I do, my husband is the one I turn to. Maybe once he’s back on sea duty and off on deployment, I might look for someone to help out.

So, if you’d like more info on starting a photography business or maybe just want to up your skills, she’s got some great information on her blog. Here is the link:

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