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A Dog & His Boy – Newborn Session

Teddy brought in his 5 day old baby brother to have his newborn portraits taken. Teddy and his family just moved to Whidbey Island a little over a month ago. Although Teddy was super excited, he was very patient as we got his little brother settled into different props and positions. He watched me very […]

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Two is a Charm… – Newborn Session

Due to a disturbance in sleepthe night before for the entire family, this session had to be done in two parts. Everyone had a rough night and unfortunately, most of the session went that way too. Little baby B had a hard time falling and staying asleep. Her big sister B was so tired that she wanted nothing to […]

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Welcome Baby K – Newborn Session

Baby K came in at just about 3 weeks old. She slept throughout most of the session with occasional grunts to let us know she was aware of what we were doing. When she did wake up, we wrapped her up to keep her comfy. She gave us a few smiles along with a few […]

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