Portrait Coterie – For Small Handmade Businesses

Portrait Coterie by Renee Giugliano Photography - Helping small handmade businesses build their business, one portrait at a time.
Building Your Business, One Portrait at a Time

Portrait Coterie is a program created exclusively for small, handmade businesses specializing in children’s clothing and accessories. We want to help you generate sales with professional portraits that will represent the hard work and the quality you put into your items.

In 2011, we set out to find a local boutique to work with, to network with, to build with. We found an owner of a small in-home shop that made knitted hats and tutu dresses. We were a perfect fit for each other. It was something new for both of us, but we had so much fun learning and trying new things. We are still working together to this day. We not only provide each other with business networking opportunities, but we are close friends. We encourage each other, we confide in each other, we trust each other.

As they began to venture into new clothing lines and accessories, we were right there to help set them apart from most “in-home” boutiques by offering professional quality portraits with correct exposure, focus and color along with simple studio sets that don’t take away from their items. These aspects draw attention immediately – and she is above her competitors in her local area. The quality of our portraits is equal to her quality of clothing and accessories. And her customers know that her investment in a professional photographer means she cares. Not only about how her items are made, but how they are represented.

We want to help you too! We want your work to be represented with top quality portraits, not snapshots. We are not a model agency looking for you to pay us to find anyone to hand you back a sub-par photo. We guarantee our work and believe our portraits will help your sales and take your business to a higher level.

Here’s what we offer: We offer sessions for both modeled and unmodeled products. For modeled sessions, our models are chosen locally and we make sure they are model-worthy. We specialize in children’s portraits and so we have years of experience with getting natural smiles and poses.

Your items are returned to you – so you will have it available to sell. We don’t keep your outfits. We believe your hard work should not hang in our closet, but in a child’s closet.

You may choose to try us out with a one-time session or use our services throughout the year with a 6 month or 12 month contract. There are no hidden terms, you choose what you want and we will fulfill your portrait needs without expecting any more in return. (Except your satisfaction)

Each session includes 1-5* fully edited, websized & watermarked^ images that are delivered to you via Dropbox, a free and easy portal for file sending, sharing and storing.

A quick rundown of how it works:

  • You sign our contract, choosing your session type/length.
  • Then you send us your items, via mail or local delivery.
  • For modeled sessions: We will find models for you, create a simple studio set and photograph your items. We will capture full length (front, back) & close ups for details.
  • For non-modeled products: We choose a simple set and/or prop to display your items and will photograph sets and individual images of your products, including detailed close ups.
  • When we finish the session, we pack up your items and send it all back to you, via mail or local pick-up/delivery. We work on your proofs and within 1 week, we upload the best images to your Dropbox folder.
  • Voila! All done!

For more info or to sign up, request an info packet by clicking HERE. The packet is digital and includes the link to our contract if you choose to sign up. To view our work, visit our main website HERE and click on the Model and/or Product Galleries.

* Amount of images pends on type of session chosen

^ We watermark your images with YOUR watermark plus our website info placed on one of the corners. High resultion files are available for purchase, see contract for pricing/info.

**Portrait Coterie is NOT a modeling agency/service. We do not hire models nor take payments from agencies or parents to keep models on a list for session reference**

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