Fresh Focus [Beyond the Basics]

Renee Giugliano Photography, Oak Harbor, WA Photographer specializing in Pregnancy, Newborn & Children
“Beyond the Basics” is a photography workshop that teaches participants how to move off “auto” and “semi-auto” modes of their DSLR so they can begin to master exposure and shooting in manual modes. It focuses on all aspects of the exposure triangle and covers important exposure concepts such as metering and understanding the histogram. Participants will walk away with a presentation manual that includes diagrams and examples that are thoughtfuly laid out and easy to replicate for learning assignments.

Topics include:

  • Must-Reads in Your Camera Manual
  • In Camera Shooting Settings
  • Exposure (10 subtopics within)
  • Other Camera Settings
  • and more

This workshop is a follow up to our “Fresh Focus [Parent Workshop]”, an introductory workshop that covers composition, perspective, and other photography basics along with tips and tricks for taking pics of your kids at different ages. You are not required to take the Parent Workshop in order to participate in “Beyond the Basics” but it is highly recommended since we do an overview of the Parent Workshop. For more info on that class, click HERE.

Available Class Dates & Times for Beyond The Basics In-Person Class:

  • August 14th, 2016: 5:00pm – Click HERE to sign up. Hosted by me at my home studio. (Must sign up by August 7th)

If any of those dates do not work for you at this time or you would like like schedule a one-on-one or host a class in your home on a different date, please send me an email and we can set something up that works for you.

In-Person Class (5 people max)

Cost: $75.00 (plus tax)


  • In-person class, 2-3 hours long with breaks, q&a and practice time
  • *NEW Fresh Focus Online Forum for continuous support, Q & A and image critique
  • Tips & tricks on-the-go card to keep on hand while you are practicing
  • Printed manual of the course to take notes in and take home for reference and refreshing

Online Class

Cost: $50.00 (plus tax)


  • Online class with no time limit to learn, take your time, come and go as needed
  • Personal online workbook you can come back to again and again as needed
  • *NEW Fresh Focus Online Forum for continuous support, Q & A and image critique
  • Tips & tricks on-the-go card to keep on hand while you are practicing (mailed to you for free)
  • Online manual with notes area available at all times to go back to for reference and refreshing
  • If you would like a printed manual, you may request one for additional fee

To sign up for the ONLINE Beyond the Basics class, click HERE

[This workshop does not discuss starting a photography business nor studio lighting techniques.]

Please use the contact form on this site if you have any questions.

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